Time management & Implementation

Over the Past few weeks I have been reading Time Management articles. Every article in its own way has the same intention or the other All aimed at Essence of effective time management in our life. All most all articles try to emphasize on process of planning rather than explaing how to overcome the practical difficulties in implementing. From my experience, the implementation is also as important as Planning. We face too many practical interruptions which consumes our most time which might not be on our schedule. Once we have decided to stick to our planned modules or schedules we tend to do what our heart says rather than what we are ought to do. We come up with little Time consuming tasks, they may be minor but all these interruptions, for example may be a Doubt clarification by one of your colleague or telephone call asking extension of other person, uninformed meetings or discussions etc. The biggest hurdle is your ability to drift away with interruptions which may long from few seconds to some times an hour or more. It’s really inevitable as we cannot avoid that at that instance of time. In total these entire sum up to a good amount of time which unfortunately eats up most of time from high priority tasks. On an average 70 to 75 percent of planned time is effectively utilized. So while planning we need to be Realistic keeping in tab with the interruptions and practical hurdles.


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Welcome to The Bench

I Welcome you all to this bench, I like to share all spheres of day to day facts and learnings. I urge to create new community of friends who wish to share & build better society. I also Strongly believe in Unlimited Human Capability in building mega success  stories. This can be achieved by sharing our best learnt lessons of life with others by doing so we can help others to cut short mistakes and they don’t have to go through  same situations of life Again & again

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